International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics (IJPAP)


Volume 14, Number 1  (2018)




The Discussion on the Consistency of General Relativity Theory and Uncertainty Principle and Putting Forward of a New Field Equation

pp. 1-13

Ge Guangzhou


The Discussion on the Model of New Particle and the Great Unification

pp. 15-23

Ge Guangzhou


The Further Thinking and Discussion on the Hamilton Tensor Equation

pp. 25-30

Ge Guangzhou


Point Spread Function of Symmetrical Optical System Apodised with Gaussian Filter

pp. 31-38

M. Kalpana Devi, Ch Srinivas and T. Venkat Reddy


A Tentative Viewpoint about the Generation and Nature of Black Hole

pp. 39-43

Ge Guangzhou


The Tentative Viewpoint about Connectivity and Traversability of Spacetime

pp. 45-49

Ge Guangzhou


Effect of Flux on Sr2CeO4:Gd3+ (0.5mol %) Phosphor Prepared by Solid State Reaction Method

pp. 51-64

Ch. Atchyutha Rao, Savali Ravi Kumar, K.V.R. Murthy and B. Subba Rao






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