International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics (IJPAP)


Volume 2, Number 1  March (2006)




Direct Support for the Extrinsic Model of Semiconductor Interfaces using Density Functional Calculations
pp. 1-10 (10)

Authors: I. M. Obaidat, N. Qamhieh, M. Benkraouda and U. Al Khawaja

Quantitative elemental analysis of seawater by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
pp. 11-21 (11) 

Authors: Walid Tawfik Y. Mohamed

Finding Calibration Curves for Moisture Measurement near the Soil Surface with Neutron Probe by Monte Carlo Simulation
pp. 22-28 (7)

Authors: Ali Asghar Mowlavi

Effect of Aging and Thickness on Sorption, Solubility and Surface of Light Cured Dental Composites in Water and Artificial Saliva
pp. 29-43 (15)

Authors: M. A. Al-Maadeed and N. J. Al-Thani

Mean free path of electron for polyvalent liquid metals. Calculated from the consideration of the fermi surface blurring effect.
pp. 44-52 (9)

Authors: A. Z. Ziauddin Ahmed and G. M. Bhuiyan

Local Cloud Detection at HiRes Detector
pp. 53-69 (17)

Authors: M. Al-Seady

Laser Interference Measurement of Glucose in Liquids
pp. 70-76 (7)

Authors: Nabil Maalej, H. El Ghandoor, Dallal Al-Tammimi, I. Nasser

The solar diurnal anisotropy of cosmic rays in free space
pp. 77-89 (13)

Authors: A.A. Darwish

Structural Stability of Li-Based Alloys: Real Space Approach Revisited
pp. 91-97 (7)

Authors: A.Z.Z. Ahmed, G M Bhuiyan and S M Mujibur Rahman

Design, Development, and Testing a Solar Concentrator for Thermoacosutic Cooling Applications
pp. 99-109 (11)

Authors: Ehab Abdel-Rahman, Mahmoud Hammam, Mahmoud Salah and Samy Abdel-Mordy

Characteristics of solar diurnal amplitudes of cosmic rays during the maximum and declining periods of solar activity
pp. 111-126 (16)

Authors: A.A. Darwish





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