International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics (IJPAP)


Volume 2, Number 3 (2006)




Quantitative analysis of mercury in silver dental amalgam alloy using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy with a portable Echelle spectrometer
pp. 195-203 (9)

Authors: Walid Tawfik and Ali Saafan

Magnetic properties and Band structure Calculation of SmCo5
pp. 205-213 (9)

Authors: Sherif Yehia, S. Aly, A. S. Hamid, Abeer E. Aly, M. Hammam

Numerical simulation and analytical description of thermally induced depolarization in diode-pumped laser rods pumped by a super-Gaussian beam
pp. 215-221 (7)

Authors: H. Nadgaran and P. Elahi

Synthesis and Optical Study of The System K3Sr2La1-xEuxNb10O30 with Tetragonal Tungsten Bronze Structure
pp. 223-230 (8)

Authors: A. Lahmar, E. Antic-Fidancev, P. Aschehoug, M. Zriouil and B. Elouadi


The Method of Interacting Configurations in Complex Number Representation: Application for Calculations of Spectroscopic Characteristics of Quasi-Stationary States in Two Electron Systems
pp. 231-248 (18)

Authors:  T.M. Zajac and V.M. Simulik


A didactic note for accurate laboratory determination of Planck’s constant from the Planck radiation theory
pp. 249-258 (10)

Authors: Adam Usman and John Dogari


Calculation of Source-Detector Solid Angle, Using Monte Carlo Method, for Radioactive Sources with Various Geometries and Cylindrical Detector
pp. 259-266 (8)

Authors: R. Izadi-Najafabadi and H. Tavakoli-Anbaran


STIM and Micro-PIXE Analysis of Water Trees in HV Cables
pp. 267-272 (6)

Authors: Motaheruddin Ahmed


On the distribution of radio pulsar velocities
pp. 273-280 (8)

Authors: I.F. Malov and Yu.A. Baurov


Measurement of Ground Electrical Conductivities of Different Soil Type and Their Effect on Growth Rate of Plant
pp. 281-289 (9)

Authors: A.M. Arogunjo, A.S. Adekola and K.D. Adedayo






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