International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics

Volume 3, Number 1 March (2007)


Special Issue:

The Arab International Conference in
Recent Advances in Physics and Materials Science
Alexandria, Egypt, September 18-20, 2005





A Correlation Study Between Electrical and Thermal Properties of Sodium Potassium Sulphate Crystals 
pp. 1-9

Authors: M. Kassem, H. E. Gado and I. M. Ragab

A New Concept about the Static Structure and Alkali Non-Bridging Oxygen Dependence of the Mixed Alkali Effect in Bismuthate Glasses
pp. 10-21

Authors: Sh. El-Desouki, E.E. Shaisha, I. Shaltout and Hoda A. Mady

Photostability of Liquid Mixture Based on Rhodamine 590 Dye in Vinyl Acetate Polymer Solution
pp. 22-29

Authors: Mohammed A. Bahattab, Mohammad Ahmad and Terence A. King

Determination of the Optical Constants of Cadmium Stannate (Cd2SnO4) Films
pp. 30-39

Authors: S.M. Alnaimi and M.N. AL-Dileamy

Infrared Absorption and Dielectric Properties of Mg-Zn Ferrite
pp. 40-48

Authors: S.A. Mazen, H .M. Zaki and S.F. Mansour

Optical Properties of Bi30Se(70-x)Tex Amorphous Thin Films
pp. 49-58

Authors: A.S. Abd-Rabo and K.A. Sharaf

A Study of the Crystallization Kinetics of Ge-Se-Te Glasses
pp. 59-68

Authors: M. Abdel-Satar, M. A. Abdel-Rahim and A. El-Korashy

Hall Coefficient Measurements of Moderately Doped N-In Sb at Low Temperatures
pp. 69-74

Authors: K. Alfaramawi, S. Abboudy and L. Abulnasr

Theoretical Electron- Impact Excitation, Ionization and Recombination Rate Coefficients and Level Population Densities for Scandium-Like Ion
pp. 75-82

Authors: A.I. Refaie, H. El Sharkawy, S. Allam and Th. El Sherbini

Yttria-Alumina-Silicate Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier Characteristics at 1540 nm
pp. 83-90

Authors: Osama Mahran

Innovative SSM Technology Determines Structural Integrity of Metallic Structures: Example Applications for Pressure Vessels and Oil and Gas Pipelines
pp. 91-108

Authors: Fahmy M. Haggag


Kinetic Studies of Bulk Se70Ge30-XMx { X = 0, 5 &M = Ag, Cd, Pb} Chalcogenide Semiconducting Glasses
pp. 109-121

Authors: S. A. Fayek, M. Fadel and E. Gamal


Temperature Dependence of Zero Dispersion Wavelength in Single-Mode Optical Fibers for Different Materials
pp. 122-131

Authors: W. El Shirbeeny, Moustafa H. Aly, Ahmed E. El-Samahy, Khaled M. Emad

Fourier Transformation Methods in the Field of Gamma Spectrometry 
pp. 132-141

Authors: A. Abdel-Hafiez 






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