International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics

Volume 4, Number 1 (2008)





Density of States Effective Mass of SnBi4Se7 Deduced From the Temperature    Dependence of Electrical Conductivity in the Activation Regime

pp. 1-12

Authors: S.A. Ahmed, A.K. Diab and A.M. Abdel Hakeem


The implementation of fog water collection systems in Northeast of Iran

pp. 13-21

Authors: M. Mousavi-baygi


Instability of Thermomagnetic Waves in the GeAu Semiconductors with impurities

pp. 23-28

Authors: E.R. Hasanov, M.F., Novruzov, A.Z. Panahov and A.I. Demirel


Theoretical analysis of high pressure phase transition and stability of LaTe and SmTe with NaCl-structure

pp. 29-38

Authors: Atul Gour, Sadhna Singh, Madhu Singh and R.K. Singh


Layer by Layer (LbL) Technique for fabrication of electrostatic Self assembled ultrathin films

pp. 39-44

Authors: D. Dey, M.N. Islam, S.A. Hussain and D. Bhattacharjee


Microwave Studies on Gadoliniium Barium Coppr Oxalate Crystals

pp. 45-51

Authors: Soosy Kuryan, Rosalin Abrahan and Jayakumari Isac


New Approaches to Equilibrium Thermodynamics

pp. 53-63

Authors: Fathollah Ommi and Koros Nekofar


Analytical expression for p-3He total reaction cross section

pp. 65-70

Authors: M.A. Alvi


Molecular association of amides with 1-propanol in non-polar solvent : Dielectric study

pp. 71-76

Authors: M.S. Manjunath and J. Sannappa


A Study of rheological behavior and oxidative stability of rice bran and corn oil using FTIR spectra

pp. 77-86

Authors: Rubalya Valantina. S and Neelameagam. P

Quantum Computing through Quaternions

pp. 87-96

Authors: J.P. Singh and S. Prabakaran





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