International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics  (IJPAP)

Volume 5, Number 3 (2009)




Total Column Ozone Measurements at Visakhapatnam Using Microtops II Sun-photometer
pp. 183-194
Authors: G. Bharathi and B. Mahendranath

Development and Testing of RPC Module Developed in the Mini Array Laboratory, Gauhati University
pp. 195-202
Authors: S.C. Rajbongshi, PK Boruah and K Boruah

Thermo-acoustic Studies of Trans-4-cyano Cinnamic Acid Ester Liquid Crystal
pp. 203-213
Authors: D.P. Singh and Arun Upmanyu

Density of States of Rare-earth Permanent Magnet Nd2Fe14B Using Spin-orbit Coupling
pp. 215-229
Authors: Abeer E Aly


The study of some properties of Aluminum Oxide AL2O3 Irradiated with Heavy Ions
pp. 231237
Authors: Abdulghani Kerm

Impurity Semiconductor as an Energy Radiator in Presence of Constant External Electric Field
pp. 239242
Authors: Eldar Rasuloglu Hasanov, Pasoul Nezhad Hosseyn, Akber Zeynealabdinoglu Panahov And Ali Ihsan Demirel

Thermally Induced phase Transition in Crystalline Lead Phthalocyanine thin Films
pp. 243251
Authors: P. Kalugasalam.a and S. Ganesanb

Study of Dielectric Properties of Biological Tissues in the Microwave Frequency Range
pp. 253261
Authors: Elizabeth Rufus and Zachariah C Alex


Mechanical Properties of Textured Electrical Porcelain
pp. 263269
Authors: S.K. Tak, R. Mangal A.K. Gupta


Relation Between Refractive Index, Micro Hardness and Bulk Modulus of AII BVI and AIII BV Semiconductors

pp. 271-276

Authors: B. Sasikala Devi and Y. Munikrishna Reddy





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