International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics  (IJPAP)


Volume 6, Number 2 June (2010)




Hole Drift Mobility, Hall Coefficient and Coefficient of Transverse Magnetoresistance in Heavily Doped p-type Silicon 
pp. 109-115
Authors: Tesfaye Getinet

Study of Indoor Radon and Thoron Levels in Srirampura, Bangalore, India using Passive Detector Technique 
pp. 117-126
Authors: G. Srinivasa, L.A. Sathish, S. Sundareshan and T.V. Ramachandran

A Computational Analysis of Ordering in p-n-Octyloxy Benzoic Acid – A Nematogen

pp. 127-133
Authors: G. Sahaya Baskaran, P. Lakshmi Praveen and Durga P. Ojha

Field Dependent Sound Velocity Change in Baxsr1-X TiO3 Ferroelectric Perovskites
pp. 135–142
Authors: Ashish Kukreti, Ashok Kumar and U C Naithani

Synthesis and Photoluminescence Studies on Nanocrystalline Content Zns Film
pp. 143–149
Authors: Kirti Vishwakarma, O.P. Vishwakarma, S.K. Pandey and M. Ramrakhiani

Growth and Characterization of 4 –Bromo 2-nitro Aniline a New Nonlinear Optical Organic Crystal
pp. 151–156
Authors: Navin N. Bappalige, Y. Narayana, Boja Poojary and K. Narayana Poojary

A study of Indoor Radon / Thoron Levels in Some Dwellings by using Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors
pp. 157–164
Authors: H. K. Sarmaa, P.C. Dekab, S. Sarkarc, T.D. Goswamia and B. K. Sarmaa

T3/2 Contribution to the Specific Heat of PbTiO3, KNbO3 and Ba1-xCaxTiO3
pp. 165–169
Authors: Talvinder Singh, Dushyant Pradeep, U.C. Naithani and Ashok Kumar

Electric Field Dependence of Soft Mode Frequency in Ba1-Xcaxtio3 Ferroelectric Perovskites
pp. 171–176
Authors: Dushyant Pradeep, U.C. Naithani and Ashok Kumar


Three Dimensional Simulation of Thin Films Growth 
pp. 177-189
Authors: S. Kimiagar

A Planar Earth Model for Studying the Effect of Ground Wave Propagation on Antennas Performance
pp. 191-200
Authors: Moses Ekpenyong and Joseph Isabona

Theoretical Study of the Electronic Properties of YN using Density Functional Theory
pp. 201-206
Authors: M. P. Ghimire, Sandeep and R. K. Thapa

Synthesis and Characterization of SrBi4Ti4O15 by Wet Chemical Method 
pp. 207-212
Authors: B.J. Kalaiselvi

Simulation of Intensities of High-resolution Lines of Methane in the Region of 1035 cm-1
pp. 213-218
Authors: Priyalakshmi Goswami and A. Gohain Barua

Electronic Spectra of High Energy Density Materials: Hexaazabenzene, Hexaazadewarbenzene, Hexaazaprismane and Hexaazabicyclopropenyl
pp. 219-228
Authors: Eena Bahan and R.S. Prasad

Avalanche Breakdown Characteristics of Wide Band GaP vis-ΰ-vis Low Band Gap Junctions and High RF Power/Low Noise Generation in ZnS DD IMPATTs
pp. 229-241
Authors: Shankar P. Pati, Pravash R. Tripathy and Santosh K. Dash





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