International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics  (IJPAP)


Volume 6, Number 4  (2010)




Quantum Size Effect of InBi0.95 (Se,Sb)0.05 Thin Films
pp. 413-417
Authors: Dimple Shah, S.M. Vyas, M.P. Jani and G.R. Pandya

Effect of Nanoscale AlN Layer for Improving 2DEG Transport Properties in AlGaN/AlN/GaN-based HEMT
pp. 419-427
Authors: T. R. Lenka and A. K. Panda

Measurement Uncertainty in the DTA Temperature Calibration 
pp. 429-437
Authors: Yasser A. Abdelaziz, Essam M. Ibrahim and Mostafa M. Mekawy

Design and Analysis of Double-Aperture Holospeckle Interferometer Using Compact Holographic Lenses
pp. 439-445
Authors: H. L. Yadav, R K Jayaswal and P K Barhai

Influence of Gamma Energy in the Image Contrast for Material with Different Density
pp. 447-454
Authors: R. Gholipour-Peyvandi, S.Z. Islami-Rad and M. Ghannadi-Maragheh

Microprobe Study for Microstructure and Composition Changes of Pt/Pd and Pt/Pt-Rh 10% Thermocouples Following Heat Treatments
pp. 455-462
Authors: Yasser Abdel Aziz, Faten Megahed, Hany Mohsen and Waleed Ghaly

Computation of Dipole-Dipole Interaction Energy in Amorphous Polymers
pp. 463-468
Authors: A.E. Kotp


Variations of Decay Rates of Radio-active Elements and their Connections with Global Anisotropy of Physical Space
pp. 469482
Authors: Yu.A. Baurov,I.F. Malov

Sound Velocity Change in PbTiO3 and KNbO3 Ferroelectric Perovskites
pp. 483-488
Authors: Talvinder Singh and U.C. Naithani

Study of Velocity of Ultrasonic Waves in Binary Mixtures of Liquid at Room Temperature
pp. 489-494
Authors: Sunita R. Dandwate

Preparation of Nano Powders by Sintering Process for Nanomaterials
pp. 495-499
Authors: K. Raji and Alfred Cecil Raj

Damped Harmonic Oscillator with Arbitrary Time
pp. 501-507
Authors: Akpan Ndem Ikot, Edet J. Uwah, Ita. O. Akpan and Louis E. Akpabio

Estimation of Radar Backscattering Coefficient of Soil Surface with Moisture Content at Microwave Frequencies
pp. 509-516
Authors: V.K. Gupta and R.A. Jangid

A Comparative Study of the Thermal Properties of Different Soil Samples for Moulding Blocks for a Passively Cooled Building Design
pp. 517-521
Authors: Godfrey T. Akpabio, Eno E. Ituen and Akpan N. Ikot

Aleppian Belon Analysis with X-ray Diffraction
pp. 523-532
Authors: Abdulghani Kerm





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