International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics  (IJPAP)


Volume 7, Number 2  (2011)




Estimation of Debye Temperature and DWFs for Some Ternary Chalcopyrite Semiconductors
pp. 139-144
Authors: S. Grace Sahaya Sheba1 and K. Sadaiyandi2


Comparative Study of Electrical Conductivity and Salinity of Three Land Form in Akwa Ibom State.
pp. 145-150
Authors: Godfery T. Akpabio and Okechukwu E. Agbasi


Causes Responsible for Declining Interest of Students in Learning Physics at Higher Level: An Indian Perspective
pp. 151-158
Authors: Meena Laad


The Gravitational Collapse of the Neutral Dust Grains and Dusty Plasma on the Star
Authors:R.K. Pensia, Ashok Kumar Patidar, Vishal Kumar
and Vikas Prajapat


Comparative Study of Isotopic Effect on Curie- Constant of Hydrogen Bonded Ferroelectric Crystals.
Authors:Parminder Singh, M.S. Yadav and S.C. Deorani


Low Energy C (π+, π-) O Reaction and Dibaryon Hypothesis
Authors:Mutazz Nuseirat


Determination of Proton form Factors by Recent Data for 0.4<Q<5.5(GeV/ c)
Authors:Gh. Forozani and M. Aghdasi


Study of Leptonic Tau Decay Spectrum by using New Experimental Data
Authors:Jabbar Fattahi, Ghasem Forozani and N. Nazari-pooya





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