International Journal of Pure and Applied Physics (IJPAP)


Volume 8, Number 1  (2012)




Effect of Mn Doping on the Photoluminescence of ZnS Nanocrystals


Authors:Anyebe Ezekiel Anyebe, Dr.Onoja D.A. and Dr.Amah, A.N.


A Simple Non Relativistic Proof for the Impossibility of Superluminal Charged Particles

pp. 5-7

Author: Antonello Cutolo


The Study of Effect of Mncl2 Doping on the Growth Rate of KDP Single Crystals using inverted Microscope and their Characterizations by Powder XRD And HRXRD Techniques.
pp. 9-19

Authors: Preeti Singh, M.M. Abdullah, Mohd. Shakir Mohd. Hasmuddin and M.A. Wahab


Dibaryon and Low Energy 8O (p+,p-)18Ne Reaction

pp. 21-24

Author: Mutazz Nuseirat


Calculation of Static Dielectric Constant of Various Hydrogen Bonded Ferroelectric Crystals and their Deuterated Isomorphs according To Different Models of Phase Transition

pp. 25-29

Authors: S.C. Deorani, Parminder Singh and M.S. Yadav


Some Critical Remarks on Landauís (macroscopic) Phase Transition Theory

pp. 31-44

Author: Giuseppe Iurato


A Technique to Evaluate the Effectiveness of UV Lamps Performance of in Biological Cabinet

pp. 45-51

Author: Sameh M. Reda


Measurement of Absorbed Doses in Anatomical Phantoms

pp. 53-58

Author: A.G. Attaelmanan






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