International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)



Volume 10  Number 1,  (2016)





Abnormal causes and control measures of casing damage at slippage layer in Daqing oil field
pp. 1-5
Chaoyang Hu and Xiaodong Shi

Influence of Drilling Fluid Density on Deep-water Well Structure Design
pp. 7-20
Ya-Nan Sheng, Zhichuan Guan, Shujie Liu, Kai Jiang and Huanzhi Feng


Simulation Study of Technical and Feasible Gas Lift Performance
pp. 21-44
Shedid A. Shedid and Mostafa S. Yakoot

Optimization Analysis Of Inverted Nine-spot Rhombic Well Pattern Development In Low Permeability Reservoirs Of Horizontal Well
pp. 45-50
Wenling Song, Chunsen Zhao, Didi Wu and Bo Tao

The Horizontal Well Trajectory Designing And Optimization Of Perforation Segment In The Latter Part Of High Water Cut Thick Reservoir Layer
pp. 51-58
Wenling Song, Chunsen Zhao, Didi Wu and Bo Tao


Research on Erosion Chanrateristics in Flow Channels of the Partical Impact Drilling Bit
pp. 59-72
Wabg Fangziang, Wang Ruihe Zhou Weidong Xing Xueyang Yiji






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