International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)



Volume 12  Number 2,  (2018)





The Transient Dynamic Analysis of Automotive Exhaust Silencer
Wuqiong Pan

A Study on Performance based Seismic Design of RC Special Moment Resistant Frames

Wuqiong Pan and Jingqiang Lin

Plant Design Project: Tartaric Acid

Jingqiang Lin

Evaluation of Seismic Pounding Effects in Buildings

Jingqiang Lin and Jiwu Jing

Process Model based Software System for Steel Reheating Furnace for Energy Efficiency, Quality and Productivity

Yuan Zhao

A Low Cost Wireless Controlled Irrigation Solution in Agricultural Automation

Yuan Zhao

An Image based Enhanced Architecture for Inter-Network Banking Using Universal ID

Hongji Huang and Wanyou Sun

An Improved TCP Congestion Control Technique for Wired/Wireless Networks

Jie Yang and Guan Gui

Cross-Layer Architecture for Wireless Sensor Network

Gang Han

Design and Construction of Electronic Ballast for 70W Metal Halide Lamp and Comparison with other Electronic Ballast Configurations

Yu Yu





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