International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)



Volume 14  Number 2,  (2020)





Selection Principle Of Stopping Injecting The High Permeable Well And Performance Analysis
Ioannis Xygonakis and Nicolas Foroglou

The Study About The Influence of Pore Structure Parameters In Polymer Flooding Development
Alexander Astaras

Application of Long Stroke Hydraulic Propeller in Oil Field, Jiangsu
Alexander Astaras

Viscoelasticity of Polymer Solution Impact on Oil Displacement Effect
Panagiotis D. Bamidis

Experiment Study on Oil Displacement Efficiency of Oil Sands under Fluctuation- Chemical Compound Conditions
Aitor Almeida, Alessandro Fiore and Luca Mainetti

Study of Interfacial Tension Experiment of Alkali's Compound Flooding
Ruben Mulero

The Relationship Research Between Pore Structure And Permeability On Daqing Oilfield Reservoir
Luigi Patrono and Piercosimo Rametta

Study on physical properties of Putaohua reservoir in Block Xu 30
Xin Liu and Pingjun Zou

Design and Implementation of Cementing Parameter Monitoring Sysem Based on Zigbee
Weishan Zhang

Development of Test Equipment for Determination of Rock Abrasiveness in Petroleum Drilling Formation
Jiehan Zhou

Numerical Simulation on the Mechanism of Soil Breaking in Deepwater Jet Drilling
Changying Dai and Feng Wang

Numerical Simulation of Drill Pipe Rotation effects on Fluid Velocity Profile of Horizontal Annulus in Foam Drilling
Xiaomiao Zhang









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