International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)

Volume 2  Number 1 (2008)





Log-Derived Permeability Arrays for Reliable Simulation Models by Integrating Core and Test Permeability Data
Shawket G. Ghedan, Douglas A. Boyd and Bertrand M. Thiebot

Determination of Mineral Composition of Reservoirs Using Crossplots and Implications on Reservoir Properties: A Case Study of the Cretaceous Reservoirs of the Anambra Basin, Southeastern Nigeria
Authors: A. E. Ofoma, C. O. Okogbue, J. O. Amobi and H.O. Nwankwoala

Development of a Real-time Monitoring System to Tri-cone Bit Failure
Authors: WANG Wen-guang, ZHAI Ying-hu, GAO Yan and I Shu-sheng

Upscaling Trip from Detailed Geological Model to a Practical Simulation Model
Authors: Shawket G. Ghedan, Tom W. Gunningham and Bassam H. Ehmaid

Modeling Temperature Distribution of Drilling Bits During Air Drilling
Authors: Jianguo Zhang, Eissa Alsafran and Jalal Owayed

Carrying Capacity Design for Directional Wells
Authors: Riayde H. Jawad and Ferda Akgun

Finite Elements Modelling of Casings in Deviated Holes and Estimating Casing Eccentricity
Authors: Ferda Akgun, Shedid A. Shedid and Hamed H. Al-Ghadban

An improved Sonic transit time–to–porosity transform for Jurassic shales in the Kimmeridge Clay Formation (UK)
Authors: Kenneth S. Okiongbo, Ezekiel B. Olukuma and Etim D. Uko

Temperature Distribution of An Arrheniusly Reacting Unsteady Flow Through A Porous Medium With Variable Permeability and Pressure Dependent Viscosity
Authors: A.W. Ogunsola, R.O. Ayeni and A.M. Okedoye






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