International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)

Volume 3  Number 1 (2008)





Synthesis and Performance of a New Surfactant for Enhanced Oil Recovery
pp. 1-9
Authors: Khaled A. Elraies, Isa M. Tanb and Ismail Saaida

Sub-surface Structure and Oil and Gas Migration in the Qamar Gulf, Eastern Yemen Based on Gravity Anomalies
pp. 11-17
Authors: Adel H. Naji, M.R. Janardhana and K.K. Sharma

Performance Evaluation of the Transmission System of a Hybrid Vehicle
pp. 19-24
Authors: Mohd. Mohinoddin1, S. Nawazish Mehdi and M. Raju

Catalytic Degradation of Waste Plastic into Fuel Oil
pp. 25-34 
Authors: Ejaz Ahmad, Shraddha Chadar, Satyendra Singh Tomar 
and M. Khursheed Akram

Association of Anion-Cation and Calcite Scale Inhibition Study by a Synthesized Copolymer in Aqueous Medium
pp. 35-42
Authors: B. Senthilmurugana, B. Ghosha, S. S. Kundua and B. Kameshwarib

Finite Difference Solution of Unsteady MHD Free Convective Mass Transfer Flow Past an Infinite, Vertical Porous Plate with Variable Suction and Soret Effect
pp. 43-50
Authors: S . Renuka, N. Kishan and J. Anand Rao


Upstream Scale Inhibition in Carbonate Reservoir Evaluation of a Green Chemistry
pp. 5164
Authors: Bisweswar Ghosh, Shiv S Kundu, Balasubramanian Senthilmurugan and
Mohammed Haroun


Spontaneous Imbibition in Small Cores
pp. 6582
Authors: O. A. Olafuyi, Y. Cinar, M.A. Knackstedt and W.V. Pinczewski

Production of Bioethanol from Lignocellulosic Waste
pp. 83-94
Authors: A. Rajesh Kanna and S. Ponmani

Microwave Assisted Transesterification of Rice Bran Oil
pp. 95-100
Authors: K. Ramakrishnan, Kudchadker Akhil Prasad and K. Sathish Kumar

Application of Neural Network for Predictive Control in Bit Properties Selection
pp. 101-112
Authors: Sonny Irawan, Rmai Majdi Fahmi and M.T. Fathaddin




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