International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)

Volume 4  Number 1 (2010)





Explosion Pressure Development and Temperature Rise Classification of Low Rating Flameproof Electric Motors
pp. 17
Authors: R. K. Vishwakarma, A.K. Singh, B. Ahirwal and A. Sinha

A New Correlation for Prediction of Undersaturated Crude Oil Viscosity
pp. 917
Authors: R. Abedini, A. Abedini and N. Eslami Yakhfrouzan


Source-rock Investigation of the Turonian-Maastrichtian Fika Shale from Wireline-logs,Chad Basin, Nigeria
pp. 1942
Authors: AA. Adepelumi, D. E. Falebita, A. O. Olorunfemi and S. I. Olayoriju


A Visual Study of Enhanced Bottom-water Drive with Chemical Gel Treatment
pp. 43-56
Authors: Yu-Shuang Zhu, Chengen Shi, Pingcang Wu, and Guo-Qing Tang

Synthesis and Evaluation of Some Oleic Acid Esters as Synthetic Lubricants
pp. 57-60
Authors: A.I. Hashem, W.S.I. Abou Elmagd, A.E. Salem, M. El-Kasaby and A.M. El-Nahas

Review on Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology and Development in China
pp. 61-80
Authors: Xiangsheng Zhang and Tingsheng Xiang


An Experimental Study of Polymer Flooding to Enhance Oil Recovery 
pp. 81-89
Authors: O. Arjmand and A.R. Roostaee

Different Application of Artificial Lift Methods in Heavy Oil Reservoir below 12 API
pp. 91-102
Authors: Mohamed Samir

The Electric Field and Defect Dependence of the Curie Temperature in Ba1-xCaxTiO3 Ferroelectric Perovskites
pp. 103-106
Authors: Dushyant Pradeep and U.C. Naithani




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