International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)

Volume 5  Number 1 (2011)





Development of New Empirical Correlation for Prediction of Oil Formation Volume Factor of Crude Oil for a Major Part of Oil Fields of Upper Assam Basin
pp. 1-5
Authors: Minati Das and M.A. Chowdhury

Simulation Study of Surfactant Flooding Process in an Iranian Fractured Oil Reservoir

pp. 7-18
Mehdi Shabaninejad and Mehdi Bagheripour Haghighi

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Zone of Degasification in Part of Sabatayn Basin-Yemen

pp. 19-32
Authors: Arafat Mohammed, K. Palanivel, C.J. Kumanan and S.M. Ramasamy 


The Chemistry of Chemical Scale Inhibitors and the Mechanism of Interactions with Carbonate Reservoir Rock

pp. 3345
G. Mohammed, and A. Galadima


Population Dynamics, Isolation and Characterization of Potential Engine Oil Degrading Indigenous Bacteria in Contaminated Sites in Taif, KSA
Authors:Shahaby A.F. and A.E. EL Tarras


A New Ground Equipment Applied in Cluster Wells
Authors:Juan Li and Xiuting Han, and Mei Han


Modeling to Calculate Catalyst Effectiveness by Non- Hydrodesulphurization Process in Diesel Fuel
Authors:M. Aslam Abdullah and T. Sekar





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