International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)

Volume 6  Number 2 (2012)




The Catalytic Upgrading of Heavy Crude Oil In-situ:-The Role of Hydrogen: A Review
pp. 79-96
Author: Abarasi Hart

Technical and Economical Optimization of the Performance of Sucker Rod Pumping System
pp. 97-112
Author: Shedid A. Shedid

Testing the New Gassmann Solid-fluid Substitution on the Triassic Sandstone Reservoirs in the Southern North Sea Basin
pp. 113-127
Author: Auduson Aaron E.

CFD Calculations of Cuttings Transport through Drilling Annuli at Various Angles
pp. 129-141
Authors: Uduak Mme and Pål Skalle

Effects of Mud Properties, Hole size, Drill String Tripping Speed and Configurations on Swab and Surge Pressure Magnitude during
Drilling Operations
pp. 143-152
Authors: Uduak Mme and Pål Skalle

Experimental Study on Synergistic Effect Mechanisms of Surfactant Assisted by Low Frequency Vibration Waves
pp. 153-163
Authors: Liu Jing, Pu Chun Sheng, Shang Xiao Sen, Zheng Li Ming and Qin Guo Wei

Present Condition of PSC in Mongolian Petroleum Sector
pp. 165-172
Authors: B. Bolor, Kh. Erdenebulgan and Wang Zhen

Now it is Time to Change Production Sharing Contracts of Mongolian Petroleum Sector
pp. 173-176
Authors: B. Bolor, Kh. Erdenebulgan and Wang Zhen












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