International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)


Volume 6  Number 3 (2012)




Synthesis and Evaluation of a Novel Cross-Linked Fluid Loss Additive for Oil-Based Mud
pp. 177-182
Authors: Ping FENG, Zhengsong QIU and Jie CAO


Non-leakage Sucker Pump Technology in Lifting Polymer Viscoelastic Fluid
pp. 185-191
Authors: Xu-Jinchao, Han-Xiuting1, Li-Juhui, Han-mei, Li-Juan, Li-Xiaodong


Simulation of Cocurrent and Countercurrent Imbibition in Water-Wet Fractured Porous Media

pp. 193-204
Authors: Dr. Francis D. Udoh & Anietie N. Okon


An Analytical Model for Optimization of Perforation Scheme to Control Water Movement Profile
pp. 205-215
Authors: Jingyuan Zhao, Mingxing Bai, Yuxue Sun, Fulei Zhao


Characterization of Omani Light Oil Using Multiple Wells Fluid PVT Analysis
pp. 217-246
Authors: Aayda M. Al-Khuseibi, Gholamreza Vakili-Nezhaad and Abdul Aziz Al-Hashmi


Study on Risk Probability Calculation of Drilling Complex and Accidents
pp. 247-258
Authors: Wei Kai, Guan Zhichuan, Ke Ke and Zhao Tingfeng





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