International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)


Volume 7  Number 1 (2013)





Simulation of Water Coning Phenomena in Fractured Reservoirs

pp. 1-22

Authors: Anietie N. Okon and Dr. Francis D. Udoh


Drilling Failures Identification: An Approach to Reduction of Non-Productive Time during Drilling in the Niger Delta

pp. 23-44

Authors: Okorie E. Agwu and Dr. Francis D. Udoh


The Numerical Simulation Study of the Inner Flow Field of the Screw Pump

pp. 45-53

Authors: FENG Cuiju, SHI Feng, WANG Chunsheng and WANG Xiaohu


Identify Metamorphics Reservoir Fracture Using Conventional Logging Data

pp. 55-61

Authors: FENG Cuiju and YAN Weilin


Experimental Device of Horizontal Drilling String Dynamics Based on Similitude Principle
pp. 63-70
Authors: Shao Dong-dong and Guan Zhi-chuan Wen Xin Shi Yu-cai


A Baseline Study of Tar Balls in the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea Coast of Yemen
pp. 71-79
Author: Nabil A. A. Al-Shwafi


Production of Bio-Ethanol from Lignocelluloses Biomass 
pp. 81-90 
Authors: Vasireddy Lakshmi Prasanna and R. Narender


Analysis of Down Resistance of the Measuring and Adjusting Apparatus in Lubricator of Oilfield Injector
pp. 91-98
Authors: WANG Chunsheng, WANG Xiaohu, ZHENG Jie and WANG Xu


Mathematical Simulation of Stress Wave Propagation in Drill-String Based on Finite Difference Method
pp. 99-110
Authors: Yongwang LIU, Zhichuan GAUN and Zhiqiang LONG


Plug Removal Technology and Reasons for Low Efficient Injection Wells in Low Permeability Oilfield
pp. 111-118
Authors: Zhou Ya Zhou, Yin Dai Yin and Wang Rui


High-temperature Drilling Fluid Resolves Slim Hole Long Horizontal Interval Challenges in the Jilin Oilfield
pp. 119-125
Authors: Fulei Zhao, Haiqing Cui, Yuxue Sun, Xinfa Zhang, Haiming Shi


Problems Associated with Down Stream Sector of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the Way out
pp. 127-138
Authors: I. Yusuf, O.J. Ogundele and A.I. Haruna


Visualization Research of the Digital Rock based on Real-time Volume Rendering Methods

pp. 139--145

Authors: Xin Wang, Jun Yao, Yongfei Yang and Xing Wang


Well Pattern Optimization of Producing Remaining Oil on The Top of Meandering River Point Bar Sandbodies Using ASP Flooding

pp. 147-154

Authors: Zhou Yazhou, Yin Daiyin, Ying Bo and Zhang Chengli


Experimental Investigation of Carbonate Reservoir Rock Dissolution under Static and Dynamic Conditions
pp. 155-165

Authors: MoutieM. Ghobashy and Shedid A. Shedid







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