International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)


Volume 7  Number  2,  (2013)





Research on the Porous Flow of the Mechanism of Viscous-Elastic Fluids Displacing Residual Oil Droplets in Micro Pores

pp. 167-175

Author: Guangda Zhao


The Feasibility Study of Submarine Water Pipeline for Transmitting Oil and Gas Mixed Medium

pp. 177-184

Author: Qiji Sun


The Method to Calculate Thermal Moment of the Level Elbow on Both Ends of the Large-diameter Oil Pipeline without Anchor Block Laying in Environmental Temperature

pp. 185-192

Authors: Qiji Sun, Wenxiang Wu, Jingsi Liu, Dong Zhang, Liang Kan and Xiaohu Wang


Water Invasion Control and Safeguard Measures Reserch of Heavy Oil Reservoir

pp. 193-201

Author: LU Yue-hai


Investigation of Potential Gas Condensate Reservoirs in Niger Delta for Produced Gas Recycling: A Generic Simulation Approach

pp. 203-220

Authors: Livinus Aniefiok and Obah Boniface


New Strategy and Technology for Success in South China Sea on CACT Extended Reach Drilling Project
pp. 221-229
Authors: Wang Jinbo, Li Siyang, Chen Yijun, Li Hao, Liu Shuai, Wang Jianbin, Ai Fei


Evaluation to Demulsifiers Used for Polymer Surfactant Flooding
pp. 231-237
Authors: Ma Yimei , Liu Yinqing, Zhang Lidong, Han Hongsheng, Liu Yang


Experimental Study on EOR by Variable Concentration Slugs Combination Polymer Flooding

pp. 239-245

Authors: Hu Shaobin and Zeng Xiantao






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