International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)



Volume 8  Number  1,  (2014)





Global K-exponential Stabilization of Nonholonomic Chained Systems via Nonregular Feedback
pp. 1-9
Authors: Tingting Wang, Wanchun Zhao, Keyong Shao and Huizhen Zhang

Refracturing Cracks Steering Mechanism and Reservoir Evaluation Method1
pp. 11-17
Authors: Li Shibin, Wang Changhao and Zhang Ligang

A Copolymer Type Scale Inhibitor Performance Evaluation
pp. 19-23
Authors: Zhenzhong Fan, Huiming An, Qingwang Liu and Jigang Wang


Descaler Optimization of the Tubing String in Oilfield Injection Wells

pp. 25-30

Authors: Zhenzhong Fan, Anqi Tong, Qingwang Liu and Jigang Wang


Depositional Patterns of Microfacies of the S I Oil-Bearing Layer Reservoir in the Dense Well Pattern Y-Region of the Daqing Oilfield

pp. 31-38

Authors: FAN Guang-juan, LIU Guo-tao, MA Shi-zhong, DU Wei, WANG Li-juan, WANG Jia and ZHOU Zhi-guo


Modeling and Simulation of an Electric Submersible Pump Lifted Oil Field
pp. 39-68
Authors: Roshan Sharma and Bjørn Glemmestad


The Research on Anatomical Techniques of Internal Configuration of Ⅱ-type Reservoir
pp. 69-78
Authors: Wu Wenxiang and Li Chenglong

Interfacial Behaviors of a Mixture of Microbial Lipopeptide and Heavy Alkylbenzene Sulfonate in Aqueous Solution
pp. 79-86
Authors: Wang Hao, Gang Hongze, Ye Ruqiang, Yang Shizhong and Mu Bozhong

Laboratory Test and Analysis of Mechanical Parameters that Affect the Speed of PDC Drill Bit
pp. 87-95
Authors: Zhiyu Dong and Wei Li

Oil Enrichment Regularity in Daqingzijing Area
pp. 97-101
Author: Shu YAN

The Ascertain of Narrow Pressure Window-Based Safety Pressure Cementing Operation Principle
pp. 103-108
Authors: JingFu Zhang and Jinlong Yang






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