International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)



Volume 8  Number  2,  (2014)





Experimental Study on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Jixi Basin Lishu Town Chengzihe Group Coal Rock
pp. 109-117
Authors: Li Shibin, Guan Bing, Zhang Ligang

Laboratory Evaluation on Injection Performance of Polymer Surfactants 
pp. 119-124
Authors: Dong Zhang and Wenxiang Wu

Research on Deep Fluid Change Direction Technique Experiment 
pp. 125-131
Authors: Li Chenglong and Wu Wenxiang

The Numerical Simulation Research of Remaining Oil Distribution Regulation after Water Flooding for the Infilling Slow-drilling Well
pp. 133-137
Authors: Zhao Yuejun, Song Kaoping, Fan Guangjuan and Yang Erlong

Analysis of Key Parameters on Hole Cleaning in the Complex Structure Wells
pp. 139-153
Authors: Tie Yan, Kelin Wang, Fei Teng, Xiaofeng Sun, Guangping Yan

Pressure Sensitive Experiment of Advanced Water Flooding in Low Permeability Reservior
pp. 155-160
Authors: Xu Qi and Wang Fucheng

An Analysis of Influencing Factors on Strata Pressure of Sidetracking Well
pp. 161-166
Authors: Zhang Bo and Tong Zhibo

Well Spacing Scheme Optimized for Thin and Poor Reservoir in the North of the Xing4-6 Block
pp. 167-171
Authors: Han Shaoxin and Yu Bin

Research on the Distribution of Remaining Oil under Control of Meandering River Point Dam Sand Interlayer
pp. 173-178
Author: Wang Limin

The Research of Subdivision Water Injection Technology in the West of Sabei 3 Area
pp. 179-182
Authors: Huanxiang Li, Shangming Shi, Huabin Wei and Xiaojie Sun







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