International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)



Volume 8  Number  3,  (2014)





Application of Environmental Friendly MEG Drilling Fluid for Horizontal Well in Daqing Oil Field
pp. 189-196
Xiangwen Bao

Mathematical Modeling of Emulsion Flow and Research on Displacement Effect
pp. 197-201
Zhang Chengli, Liang Dezhi, Yin Daiyin, Zhou Yazhou and Song Guoliang

Experimental Research on the Adherence of Shale Cuttings to PDC Bit Surfaces
pp. 203-211
Chen Xiuping and Zou Deyong Tangjing

Numerical Simulation Study on Divided Series of Strata Development for Tertiary Infilling Well
pp. 213-217
Xue Hui, Zhang Min and Wang Lei

Study on the Influencing Factors of Foam Flooding Plugging Capacity
pp. 219-223
Zhang Chengli, Liang Dezhi, Yin Daiyin, Zhou Yazhou and Song Guoliang

New Approach of Safe Mud Weight Window Calculation for Horizontal Well
pp. 225-233
Yuxue Sun, Lijia Song, Haimin Shi, Hong Deng, Xinfa Zhang and Yang Yu

Research and Application of High Temperature Suspension Stabilizer DRY-S2
pp. 235-241
Yuxue SUN, Dianjie SUI, Dianxue SUI and Weikai WANG

Study on The Productivity Prediction Equation Taking Pressure-Sensitive Phenomenon And Slippage Effect Into Account In Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir
pp. 243-248
WANG Fengjiao and LIU Yikun

Finite Element Simulation of Casing Shearing Failure In Uncemented Layer
pp. 249-253
HU Chaoyang and WANG Fengjiao

Research on Movable Fluid Saturation In Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir 
pp. 255-259
LIU Yikun, WANG Fengjiao, WANG Yongping and LIANG Shuang







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