International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)



Volume 9  Number  1,  (2015)





Application of Long Stroke Hydraulic Propeller in Oil Field, Jiangsu

pp. 1-7

Wang Changjin; Ha Mingda; Li Yinpeng; Li Lei


Experiment Study on Oil Displacement Efficiency of Oil Sands under Fluctuation -Chemical Compound Conditions

pp. 9-20

LIU Jing, PU Chunsheng, Zheng Liming


Numerical simulation of Drill Pipe Rotation effects on Fluid Velocity Profile of Horizontal Annulus in Foam Drilling

pp. 21-28

Sun Shihui, Yan Tie, Zhang Nan, Yu Xiaowen.


The characteristics of formation water and formation water resistivity in Cha 48 block Gaotaizi reservoir
pp. 29-35
Yihe Li, Qingguo Zhang, Zhihua Guo and Yulong Zhuo


Study on physical properties of Putaohua reservoir in Block Xu 30

pp. 37-41

Peng Dandan,Ma Shizhong,YU Yingxiao


Selection Principle Of Stopping Injecting The High Permeable Well And Performance Analysis

pp. 43-45

Peng Dandan, YU Yingxiao


Research On Displacement Efficiency Of ASP Compound System In Berea Core

pp. 47-51

Chen Yongda


Methods To Determine The Lower Limits And Control Factors Of The Tight Sandstone In Fuyu Layer Of Northern Songliao Basin

pp. 53-60

Wang Jia


Study on the Damage Model of Stinger PDC Cutters Breakikng Rock

pp. 61-66

Sun Yuanxiu1, Zou Deyong, He Renqing


Application of Seismic Inversion in Reservoir Description in Putaohua Reservoir of S Oilfield

pp. 67-74

Wu Jiayi and Bao Yi


The Analysis of Continental Sequence in the West of X Fault , Northern Songliao Basin
pp. 75-81
Wu Jiayi, Wang Zonghua and Bao Yi


Experimental study of paraffin inhibitor in T oilfield crude oil
pp. 87-93
Xinpeng Bei, Bin Dong, DunZhao,Chengling He and Haipeng Zhang






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