International Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology (IJPST)



Volume 9  Number  2,  (2015)





Viscoelasticity of Polymer Solution Impact on Oil Displacement Effect
pp. 95-98
Wu Wenxianga, Ren Jiawei and Zhang Dong

Study of Interfacial Tension Experiment of Alkali's Compound Flooding
pp. 99-102
Xiaoxu Fua, Wenxiang Wub, Dong Zhang and Jiawei Ren

Vertical Well Pattern Percolation Theory And Optimization of Low-permeability Reservoir On the Condition of Heterogeneity
pp. 103-110
SONG Wenling, TAO Bo, WU Didi and ZHONG Ting

The Relationship Research Between Pore Structure And Permeability On Daqing Oilfield Reservoir
pp. 111-119
Ma Wenguo, Gong He, Yu Tenglong, Wang Ying and ,Xia Huifen

Numerical Simulation of Aerated Drilling Annular Velocity With The Influence of Eccentric
pp. 121-127
Liu Shanshan, Yan Tie and BI Xueliang

Performance of Existing Multiphase Pipe Flow Holdup Correlations
pp. 129-146
M.A. Rahman

The Study About The Influence of Pore Structure Parameters In Polymer Flooding Development
pp. 147-151
Ma Wenguo and Yu Tenglong

Research on The Displacement Experiment of Viscoelastic Emulsion
pp. 153-158
Yazhou Zhou, Rui Cao, Limin Zong and Chengli Zhang

Review Of Advances In Theory And Research Method Of Fault Seal
pp. 159-163
Li Yanchen


Research on Displacement Mechanism of Discontinuous Pore-throat Grade Emulsion
pp. 165-170
Yazhou Zhou, Daiyin Yin, Xun Wei and Chengli Zhang

EOR In Fractured Tight Oil Reservoirs By Spontaneous Imbibitions
pp. 171-177
Anqi Shen, Yikun Liu, Liangfeng Li and Qiannan Yu

Formation Resistivity Factor Porosity Relationship of a Synthetic Model Rock
pp. 179-193
Abasiubong UDOFIA, Kelani BELLO and Olalekan OLAFUYI

Ultrasonic Gas Meters Verification
pp. 195-198
Rajivekumar E K






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