International Journal of Statistics and Analysis (IJSA)


Volume 2, Number 3 (2012)




Diagnostic Tests for Selection of Regressors
pp. 205-217
Authors: P. Balasiddamuni, M. Bhupathi Naidu, C. Subbarami Reddy, K. Ashok Chandrn, Y. Vijaya Sekhar Reddy and B. Ramana Murthy


Determining the Optimal Cut Point in an ROC Curve: A Spreadsheet Approach
pp. 219-225
Authors: R. Vishnu Vardhan and K.V.S. Sarma

A Comparative Study of Robust RANSAC Techniques
pp. 227-232
Authors: Muthukrishnan R. and M. Radha

Percentage Points of Weighted Inverse Gaussian Distribution
pp. 233-237
Authors: Kishore K. Das, Bhanita Das and Bhupen K. Baruah

Performance of Classical and Robust Linear Discriminant Analysis
pp. 239-243
Authors: R. Muthukrishnan and K. Mahesh

Reliability Modeling and Profit Analysis of a System with Different Failure Modes and Replaceable Server Subject To Inspection
pp. 245-255
Authors: A.K. Dhankar, R.K. Bhardwaj and S.C. Malik

A Statistical Analysis of Smoking and Alcohol Consumption Habits of Residents in Two Semi Urban Settings in South Eastern Nigeria
pp. 257-261
Authors: Ohakwe J., Ugbogu O.C. and Obi J .C.

Period-Doubling Bifurcations and Time Series Analysis in Two-Dimensional Statistical Chaotic Model
pp. 263-278
Author: Nilima Dutta

Bayesian Inferences for Ralyeigh Distribution based on Multiply Type II Censored Data
pp. 279-288
Authors: Anil Kumar and Umesh Singh

Optimum Values of Geometric Mean When Harmonic Mean and Arithmetic Mean are Prescribed
pp. 289-296
Authors: Anju Rani and Shalu Garg

An Emirical Comparison of Two Models for Dry Spell Analysis
pp. 297-304
Authors: L.N. Sahoo and A.K. Mangaraj

Cascade Reliability in Different Types of Failure Modes
pp. 305-314
Authors: C. Doloi and M. Borah

An EOQ Model for Deteriorating Items with Time Dependent Demand Rate under Inflation and Trade Credits
pp. 315-327
Authors: R.P. Tripathi and S.M. Mishra

Girl Child and Female Foeticide in Himachal Pradesh: A Case Study
pp. 329-341
Authors: Shashi Punam and Piar Chand Ryhal

A Bivariate Optimal Replacement Policy using Arithmetico Geometric Process
pp. 343-348
Authors: Dr. C. Manmatheswara Reddy and Dr. T.C. Ravichandra Kumar

Price and Volume Effect of Stock Split: Empirical Evidence Form Indian Stock Market
pp. 349-358
Author: Dr. Chetna Parmar






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