International Journal of Statistics and Analysis (IJSA)


Volume 2, Number 5 (2012)




Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network Base Enhanced Least Square Algorithm for Spectral Estimation
pp. 509-525
Authors: Ataulla, Ismail B. and Mohammed Yunus


On the Predictive Estimation of a Finite Population Covariance
pp. 527-535
Authors: R.K. Nayak and L.N. Sahoo


Building Queuing Model with Application in the Rashid Bank in Sulaimani
pp. 537-552
Authors: Kosar M. Hassan and Dr. Mohammad M. Faqe


Simulataneous Confidence Intervals for Linear Combination of Parameters in a Markov Manpower Model
pp. 553-558
Authors: M. Vivekananda Murty, G. Arti and S. Naresh


Empirical Study of Moment Estimators in Complex Surveys under Certain Variance Conditions
pp. 559-567
Authors: Ikughur Atsua Jonathan and Amahia, Godwin Nwanzu





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