International Journal of Statistics and Analysis (IJSA)


Volume 3, Number 2 (2013)





Bayes Estimator As A Function of Some Classical Estimator For Power Function Distribution
pp. 105-109
Authors: R.K. Radha and Dr. P. Vekatesan


On Characterization of Probability Distributions through Generalized Order Statistics
pp. 111-122
Authors: Zuber Akhter, Haseeb Athar and Saba Khalid Khwaja


Generalized Half Semi-Logistic Distributions and Processes
pp. 123-134
Authors: Krishnarani, S.D. and Jayakumar, K.


Application of Kalman Filter in Long Memory Model Estimation
pp. 135-158
Authors: Kisswell Basira, Florence Matarise, Mangwiro Magodora and Jona Mafodya


A Generalised Branching Process with Dependent Branching Times
pp. 159-166
Author: Babulal Seal


An Alternative Estimator of Ratio of Two Population Means Using Auxiliary Information
pp. 167-172
Authors: R. Karan Singh and Nazia Naqvi


Alternative Approaches to Linear Regression
pp. 171-183
Authors: Somedip Karmakar, Smaranya Dey and Urjaswi Mallik


An Investigation on the Reliability of a Questionnaire used to analyze the socio-economic background of the students of class VIII of some schools of Guwahati

pp. 185-200

Authors: H. K. Sarmah, Banani B. Hazarika and G. Choudhury


An Improved Estimator for the Estimation of the Finite Population Mean with Known Coefficients of Variation under Predictive Type Approach 

pp. 201-205

Authors: Sheela Misra, R. Karan Singh and Ashish Kumar Shukla


A Note on the Estimation of Regression Parameters 

pp. 207-210

Authors: Dr.K. N. Sreenivasulu, Dr. M. Subbarayudu, Dr. P.Manohar, Dr. B. Harimallikarjuna Reddy and Dr. V.Munaiah


Partial Predictive Estimation of Finite Population Variance Using Product Type Estimator

pp. 211-219

Authors: Sheela Misra, R.K. Singh and Ashish Kumar Shukla






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