International Journal of Statistics and Analysis (IJSA)



Volume 3, Number 4-5  (2013)





An Inventory Model for Weibull Deteriorating Items with Ramp Type Demand under Shortages and Inflation
pp. 369-377
Authors: S.P. Gite and V.H. Bajaj

MV-Optimality of Nearest Neighbour Balanced Block Designs (NNBD) using First Order Correlated Models for Five Treatments
pp. 379-384
Authors: Ruban Raja B. and Santharam C.

Tests for Autocorrelation Using Studentized Residuals
pp. 385-391
Authors: T. Gangaram, G. Mohan Naidu, P. Venugopal Rao, P. Balasiddamuni and B. Muniswamy

Some Generalizations of Fuzzy Average Codeword Length and Inequalities
pp. 393-400
Authors: M.A.K. Baig and Mohd Javid Dar

Stochastic Model to Find Danger Level of Infected Patient through Modified Exponential Distribution by Shock Model Approach
pp. 401-408
Authors: Rajivgandhi R. and C. Subramanian

On Crossing the Antigenic Diversity Threshold in HIV Infection
pp. 409-416
Authors: Dr. Jaisankar R and Parthasarathi G

Analysis for Profit (Cost Benefit) of a System with Two Units where These Unit Stops Working without Failure
pp. 417-426
Authors: Vishal D. Pajankar, P.G. Khot and Sandeep Sharma

Coding Theorems on Generalized ‘Useful’ Inaccuracy Measure
pp. 427-432
Authors: M.A.K. Baig and Arif Habib

Service Quality and Overall Satisfaction in Healthcare Organizations Using Mediation Analysis with Special Reference to Selected Madurai Hospitals
pp. 433-440
Authors: B Ravikumar, Dr. R. Ramakrishnan and Prof. C.M. Maran

Estimation of Population Parameters Using Multiauxiliary Information in Stratified Sampling on Successive Occasions Using Ratio Method
pp. 441-448
Authors: Prof(Mrs.)Shashi Bahl and Satinder Pal Singh

A Study On Structural Changes For Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) Production
pp. 449-456
Authors: A. Rajarathinam and M.Thirunavukkarasu

C – Optimal Design for Compound Poisson Regression Model
pp. 457-464
Authors: S. Joshua David and C. Santharam


Determination of Sample Size Related to Data of Different School Students of Guwahati
pp. 465-481

Authors: Jayashree Pathak and Kanika Das


Statistical Developments and Strategies in the Context of E-Government

pp. 483-495

Author: A.T. Srinivasa







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