International Journal of Statistics and Analysis (IJSA)




Volume 5, Number 1 (2015)




On Seed Collection Levels in Various Types of Shorea Robusta Forest in Hill and Plain Agro-climatic Zones of Central India

pp. 1-13

Girish Chandra, N P S Nain, U Prakasham, P K Khatri and Kandhi Singh


Some Econometric Models For Experimental Design

pp. 15-24

V.uday Kumar, R.Md.Shareef, T.Suneetha R. Abbaiah.


Dual to Ratio-Cum-Product Type Exponential Estimator of Finite Population Mean
pp. 25-30
Mujahida Sayyed1, Rajesh Tailor2 and Ritesh Tailor

Efficient Estimator of Population Mean Under PPS Sampling
pp. 31-34

A Set of Generalized Double Sampling Estimators of Population Mean With Sub-Sampling The Non-Respondents
pp. 35-74
R. Karan Singh and Nazia Naqvi

An EOQ Inventory Model Having Weibull Deterioration Rate and Replenishment Dependent on Inventory Level and Selling Price
pp. 75-82
Santosh P. Gite

Fitting Polynomials and Studying The Pattern of Prognosis of Lung Cancer In The Four Regions and Estimating The Variance of Parameters
pp. 83-97
Manjula S Dalabanjan and Pratibha Agrawal





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