International Journal of Semiconductor Science & Technology (IJSST)


Volume 3, Number 1 (2012)




An Investigation of the Electronic Properties of Cadmium Telluride using Space Charged Limited Current


Authors:Ali M. Mousa and J.P. Ponpon


X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of PbI2 Deposited by Solution Technique

Authors: Ali M. Mousa


A New Theoretical Model of AlxGa1-xN MESFET

pp. 21-32

Authors: Garima Bandhawakar Wakhle and B.B. Pal


Enhancement of ZnS:Mn2+ Nanoparticle Photoluminescence by Sodium Hexametaphosphate
pp. 33-36
Authors: Anyebe Ezekiel Anyebe, Dr. D.A. Onoja, and Dr. A.N. Amah

The Effect of Magnetic Field on Light/Current and Current/Voltage Characteristics of MQW Laser
pp. 37-42
Author: Firas Sabeeh Mohammed


Solid State Lighting Reliability from Failure Mechanisms Perspective: A Review of Related Literature
pp. 43-50
Authors: Shailesh K R, Ciji Pearl Kurian and Savitha G Kini


A Novice Meta-Materials based Designing of an Highly Efficient Antenna & its Applications: An Overview
pp. 51-58
Authors: Rajinder Tiwari, Shikha Tiwari and Amit K. Bajpai


Deprocessing Methodologies for Detection of IBC and Cell- to- Cell Shorts in submicron DRAM
pp. 59-69
Authors: Mr. Ramachandra Chitakudige, Dr. Sarat Kumar Dash and Dr. A.M. Khan


Structural and Optical properties of Electron Beam Evaporated Bi2(S0.95Se0.05) Thin films
pp. 71-76
Authors: Usha Rajalakshmi P, Rachel Oommen, Sanjeeviraja C and Jessy Mathew N


A Model of Numerical Calculation of Conductivity to III-V MBE Epi-Layers Using Hall Device
pp. 77-101
Author: Andrzej Wolkenberg






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