International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS)


Volume 10, Number 1 (2015)






Profit Optimal Inventory Systems As A Better Alternative To Cost Minimal Inventory System

pp. 1-7

Vijaya Kumar. Kandunuru, D.ChandraKesavulu Naidu , B.PunyaKumari, S.Chandra Babu, C.Neeraja


Application of Some Economatric Models In The Analysis of Experimental Designs

pp. 9-13

V.Uday Kumar., R.Md.Shareef, T.Suneetha. R.Abbaiah.


Microfinance Credit Scorecard Using Predictive Clusters

pp. 15-29

Dilsha M and Kiruthika


Estimation of Mean per Unit Estimator with Known Coefficient of Variation
Ashish Kumar Shukla

Bayesian Estimation in a Finite Range Failure Model
Gaurav Shukla and Vinod Kumar

A Two Stage Sampling Procedure with Ranked Set Sampling at First Stage and Adaptive Cluster Sampling at Second Stage
Neeraj Tiwari and Girja Shankar Pandey

Controlled Sampling Plan for Linearly Ordered Sampling Units
Jharna Banerjie and Neeraj Tiwari

An Extension of Probability Model of Fecundability Level of the Migrant Couples: With Application to Closed Birth Interval
Jyoti Pandey and K. N. S. Yadava

Competing Risk Analysis of Censored Data from Inverse Rayleigh Distribution
M. S. Panwar and Hira Lal

Multi Period Control Problem in Autoregressive Distribution System
Mayank Trivedi, Rajeev Pandey and Vijay Pandey

Statistical Quality Control Techniques in Service Sectors
Md. Sarwar Alam and Arun Kumar Sinha

Statistical Correlation and Regression Analysis of Hill Springs for Prediction of Nutritional Parameters
N. S. Bhandari and Hemant K. Joshi

Issue of Out-Migration in Rural Areas of Garhwal Himalaya (A Case Study of Pauri Garhwal)
Pankaj Bahuguna and O. K. Belwal

Generalized Quasi Minimax and Mock-Minimax Estimators in Linear Regression Model
S. Qaim Akbar and R. Karan Singh

A Six Sigma Approach for Quality Improvement
Rachna Singh and S. K. Pandey

Estimating the Weight of Sugarcanes by Ranked Set Sampling
Rahbar Ali and Arun Kumar Sinha

Impact of Janani Suraksha Yojana on Institutional Delivery and Maternal Mortality Ratio: A Retrospective Study in a Northeast State of India
Neeraj Tiwari and Rajkumari Sanatombi Devi

A Two Non-Identical Unit Standby System with Maintenance of Standby and Correlated Failure and Repair Times
Rakesh Gupta and Swati Kujal

Difference and Regression Type Estimators for the Estimation of Finite Population Variance Using Auxiliary Information
S. A. H. Rizvi and S. Ali Manzar Rizvi

Estimation Using Type-I Progressively Hybrid Censored Competing Risk Data from Rayleigh Distribution
Sanjeev K. Tomer and Jitendra Kumar

Survival Analysis: Identification of Improvement in Condition of Tuberculosis Meningitis Patients
Shashank Kirti, Varun Kashyap and Akash Asthana

A Cost Efficient Estimator in Presence of Non- Response for Ratio of Two Population Means Using Two Auxiliary Variables
Shashi Bhushan and Nazia Naqvi

A Generalized Class of Ratio Type estimators for Ratio of Population Means using Auxiliary Variable and Attribute
Shashi Bhushan, Raksoni Gupta and S. K. Pandey

Effect of Pneumonia Drugs on Children Aged Between Two Months to Five Years
Shivani Jaiswal, G. G. Agarwal and Akash Asthana

A Multidimensional Scaling Model Approach for Positioning of Insurance Industries Company
Shyam Kumar Saraf, Varun Kashyap and Akash Asthana

Test Procedures Based on Two Preliminary Test of Significance in Incompletely Specified Models with Random Effects
Smita Sharma

The Food Vs Energy Security Debate over using Agriculture to Produce Bio-Fuels: A Time Series Regression Approach
Yogesh Bhatt, Nilabja Ghosh and Neeraj Tiwari

Estimating the Parameters of a Shifted Exponential Distribution through Local Frequency Ratio Method
Ch.Yugandhar and V.V. Haragopal 








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