International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS)


Volume 10, Number 2 (2015)






Affect of Urbanization on Health and Nutrition
pp. 165-175
Abdul Kuddus and Azizur Rahman

Time Based Appraisal of Corner Detection Techniques
pp. 177-183
Muthukrishnan.R and Ravi, J

Comparison of Transformations for a series that admits more than one Approximating Transformation
pp. 185-202
Eleazar C. Nwogu and Chigozie Okororie

Risk Adjusted Control Chart for Monitoring HemoglobinA1C Level
pp. 203-208
R.Sasikumar and S.Bangusha Devi

Assessment Of Road Traffic Accident In Nigeria
pp. 209-216
Adesupo A. Akinrefon and Danjuma Jibasen

The Effect of Applying the Functions of Human Resource Management in Public Institutions on Improving the Performance of their Employees
pp. 217-229
Abdelwahhab I. Allozi and Sahem Nawafleh


Labeling Methods for Identifying Outliers
pp. 231-238

K. Senthamarai Kannan, K. Manoj and S. Arumugam

Performance Analysis Of 33/11kv Substation With Auto Reclosures Using Boolean Function Technique

pp. 239-250
D. Sharada Devi

Determinants of shorter survival times for HIV/AIDS patients on Antiretroviral Therapy using Censored Quantile Regression models

pp. 251-268
Innocent Maposa and Rénette Blignaut

Balanced Bipartite Block Designs With Unequal Block Sizes

pp. 269-276
Pravender and Bhavika L. Patel

A Class of Estimators in Two-Stage Sampling for Two-Phase Selection Using Two Auxiliary Variables

pp. 277-286
N.R. Das and L.N. Sahoo

Just-in-Time Manufacturing practices and Strategic Performance: An Empirical Study Applied on Jordanian Pharmaceutical Industries

pp. 287-307
Mousa Khaireddin

Beta Type- I Mixture of Generalised Poisson Distribution

pp. 309-314
Binod Kumar Sah

Fuzzy Dea Model – Defuzzification By Centroid Method

pp. 315-320
Dipali A. Kumbhar and H. P. Umap

Empirical Investigation Of Capital Flight And Economic Growth In Jordan

pp. 321-333
Mahmoud F. AL Refai


Bayesian Approximation of the Parameters of Generalized Compound Rayleigh Distribution under Squared Error Loss Function

pp. 335-346

Uma Srivastava, Parul Yadav and Harish Kumar






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