International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS)


Volume 11, Number 2 (2016)






A Proposed Method for Estimating Parameters of Non-Gaussian Second Order Moving Average Model
pp. 103-109
Mohammed Qadoury Abed

Reliability Testing
pp. 111-114
D Sharada Devi

Analysis of Concrete structure vibration performance regarding record dual scale coefficient of earthquakes in temporal background analysis
pp. 115-127
Seyed Mohammad Sadati and Seyedeh Hoda Sadati

On Generalized Functional Equations of Two and More Variables to Characterize Divergence measures
pp. 129-134
R. Ahmad


Regression Analysis with Categorical Variables
pp. 135-143
M. Venkataramana, Dr. M. Subbarayudu, M. Rajani and K.N. Sreenivasulu

An Alternative Estimation Procedure for confidence interval for mean of Wald Distribution
pp. 145-155
Sandeep Singh Charak

Determination of Quick Switching System by Attributes under the Conditions of Zero-Inflated Poisson Distribution
pp. 157-165
G. Uma and K. Ramya


Measuring Efficiency of Private banks Using CCR Model through DEA Approach
pp. 167-171
R. P. Sreedevi

Reliability Measures of a Series System with Weibull Failure Laws
pp. 173-186
S.K. Chauhan and S.C. Malik


Improved Ratio-Type Exponential Estimator for Estimating Population Variance using Auxiliary Information
pp. 187-195
K. B. Panda and N. Sahoo





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