International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS)


Volume 12, Number 1 (2017)






Impacts of Psychosocial Stress at Work is Related With Lower Levels of DHEA and DHEA-S Levels
pp. 1-13

On The Class of Double Sampling Ratio Estimators Using Auxiliary Information on an Attribute and an Auxiliary Variable
pp. 15-23
Shashi Bhushan, Praveen Kumar Misra and Sachin Kumar Yadav

On Unbiased Class of Ratio Estimator for Population Mean Using Auxiliary Information on an Attribute and a Variable
pp. 25-32
Shashi Bhushan, Praveen Kumar Misra and Sachin Kumar Yadav

Inter-District Disparity in the Use of Qualitative Methods of Family Planning In Assam
pp. 33-41
Sangeeta Baruah and M. Borah

Dynamic Econometric Relationship between Migration and Urbanization in India
pp. 43-55
Manoj Kumar.G and M.N.Megeri


Transient analysis of bulk arrival general service retrial queueing system with priority, Bernoulli feedback, collisions, orbital search, modified Bernoulli vacation, random breakdown and delayed repair
pp. 57–70
G. Ayyappan and P. Thamizhselvi

Coale’s indices of fertility and parity progression ratio for Nepali women of Assam, India.
pp. 71-77
Chavan Kr. Sarmaha and J. Hazarika

Robust Regression Procedure for Model Fitting with Application to Image Analysis
pp. 79-92
R. Muthukrishnan, R. Reka and E.D. Boobalan


On Cost Efficient Classes of Estimators for Population Mean In Presence of Measurement Errors and Non-Response Simultaneously
pp. 93-117
Shashi Bhushan and Arun Kumar

Weighted Inverse Rayleigh Distribution
pp. 119-137
Kawsar Fatima and S.P Ahmad

Improving Quality Education and Rankings in Women’s Technical Institutions Using Peer Weight through DEA Approach
pp. 139-143
R.P. Sreedevi


Development of Mathematical Model for the Solid Waste Management on Dumping Ground at Mumbai for the Reduction of Existence Cost
pp. 145-155
K N Chinchodkar and Omprakash S Jadhav


On the Most Plausible Value of Gestation Period: An Application of Stochastic Model
pp. 157-166
Brijesh P. Singh, Kushagra Gupta and Kaushalendra K. Singh


Cointegration and Causality among Stock Prices, Oil Prices and Exchange Rate: Evidence from India
pp. 167-174
Nishi Sharma





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