International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS)


Volume 12, Number 4 (2017)






Almost Unbiased Ratio Cum Product Estimators for Finite Population Mean with Known Ranges and It’s Functions

pp. 645-663

Jambulingam Subramani and Master Ajith S


Designing of Bayesian Skip-Lot Sampling Plan -V with MDS (0, 1) as Reference Plan indexed through Quality Decision Regions

pp. 665-667

K.K.Suresh and Nirmala.V


Estimation of Parameters of Three Parameter Esscher Transformed Laplace Distribution

pp. 669-675

Dais George and Rimsha H


An Engineering System with three Degradations and Post Repair: A Stochastic Study

pp. 677-704

Shinjita Agrawal


Comparative Analysis of Two-Unit Hot Standby Hardware-Software Systems with Impact of Imperfect Fault Coverages

pp. 705-719

Sudesh Kumari and Rajeev Kumar


Bayes Estimator for Coefficient of Variation and Inverse Coefficient of Variation for the Normal Distribution

pp. 721-732

Aruna Kalkur T. and Aruna Rao


A Study on Awareness of Cancer among College Students in Thanjavur

pp. 733-739

Sakthivel. E, Logaraj. M and Anitha .S


Variable selection in nonparametric additive models with measurement errors

pp. 741-761

Zanhua Yin and Fang Liu


Design and Development of Three Stages Mixed Sampling Plans for Variable – Attribute – Variable Quality Characteristics

pp. 763-772

S. Devaarul and D. Senthil Kumar


On skew q-gaussian distribution

pp. 773–789

Masahiro Tasaki and Ken-ichi Koike


Bayesian and E- Bayesian Method of Estimation of Parameter of Rayleigh Distribution- A Bayesian Approach under Linex Loss Function

pp. 791-796

Isha Gupta


A First Order Moving Average Model with Esscher Transformed Laplace Innovations

pp. 797–802

Bindu Krishnan and Dais George


Entropic Order Quantity (EnOQ) Model for Decaying Items with Partial Backordering and Lost Sale
pp. 803–812
Anima Bag, P.K. Tripathy and Monalisha Pattnaik


Robust estimation of skew-normal distribution with location and scale parameters via log-regularly varying functions

pp. 813–822

Shintaro Hashimoto


Pool Testing Algorithm for Estimating Prevalence with Imperfect Test

pp. 823–830

Nyongesa L. Kennedy


Designing and Selection of Complete Chain Sampling plans CChSP(0,1) Indexed Through Inflection point

pp. 831--837

Vijila. M and DevaArul. S





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