International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS)


Volume 15, Number 1 (2020)






Inventory Model for Deteriorating Item With Linear Price Dependent Demand
pp. 1-5
R. H. Waliv


Design and Development of Two Sided Relational Chain Sampling Plans - TSRChSP (0, i )
pp. 7-17
Dr. S. DevaArul and K. Jothimani


A New Efficient Log-Type Class of Estimators Using Auxiliary Variable
pp. 19-28
Shashi Bhushan, Raksoni Gupta, Saurabh Singh and Anoop Kumar


Forecasting Short Term Return Distribution of S&P BSE Stock Index Using Geometric Brownian Motion: An Evidence from Bombay Stock Exchange
pp. 29-45
Rahul Kumar Si and Dr. Bidyadhara Bishi


Estimation of Population Variance Using Regression Type Estimator under Successive Sampling
pp. 47-59

Shashi Bhushan and Shailja Pandey

Some Properties of Relational Repetitive Group Sampling Plans (RRGS-1)
pp. 61-66

S. Devaarul and K. Jothimani


























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