International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS)


Volume 16, Number 1 (2021)






Poisson Inverse Weibull Distribution with Theory and Applications
pp. 1-16
Ramesh Kumar Joshi and Vijay Kumar

Bayesian Estimation of Exponentiated Modified Weibull Distribution
pp. 17-25
Arun Kumar Rao & Himanshu Pandey


An Improved Estimation Procedure of Finite Population Mean using Information on Median of the Study Variable
pp. 17-36
Dipika, Mukti Kant Sukla and Sheela Misra


Markovian behaviour of Jammu Rainfall
pp. 37-43
Ameena Rajput, Devya Mahajan and Parmil Kumar


A Novel Intra Lot Relational Forward Chain Sampling Plans with an Emphasis on Zero Defective ILRFChSP (0,Ck)
pp. 45-55
Devaarul S. and Santhi T.


Mean Time to System Failure Analysis of Probabilistic System with Provision of Switch Repair and Operating Time Threshold
pp. 57-65
Mandeep Kaur and R. K. Bhardwaj

























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