International Journal of Statistics and Systems


Volume 1  Number 1 (2006)




On the Bayesian Dtection of a Change in the Arrival Rate of a Poisson Process Monitores at Discrete Epochs

pp. 1-13 (13)

Authors: Marlo Brown and Shelemyahu Zacks


A simple Stochastic Model of Disease Spread in a Small Population
pp. 15-27 (13)

Authors: Bret Hanlon


Extreme Point Results for Robust Stability of Nested Polynomial Families with 

Real Coefficients
pp. 29-55 (27)

Authors: Senjian An, Wanquan Liu and Jonathan H. Mantom


PVF Frailty Models with a Flexible Baseline Hazard
pp. 57-80 (24)

Authors: Madhuja Mallick and Nalini Ravishanker

Exact confidence bounds for the coefficient of variation of a normally distributed population
pp. 81-86 (6)

Authors: Wei Liu, Wan-Kai Pang and Wei-Kwang Huang


Variance Reduction in Hazard Function Estimation
pp. 87-110 (24)

Authors: Ming-Yen Cheng, Liang Peng and Shan Sun





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