International Journal of Statistics and Systems


Volume 5, Number 1 (2010)





Cost Analysis of a System under Priority to Repair and Degradation
pp. 1-10
Authors: M.S. Kadyan, S.C. Malik and Jitender Kumar

Control Charts Integrating Taguchi Philosophy
pp. 11-16
Authors: Alpaben K. Patel and Jyoti Divecha

A Note on Estimation of Mean in a Stratified Population using Known Co-Efficient of Variation
pp. 17-21
Authors: B. Bhaskara Rama Sarma and S.V.N.L. Lalitha

Selection and Forecasting of Stock Market Patterns using K-mean Clustering
pp. 23-27
Authors: Jyoti Badge and Namita Srivastava

Simulation of the Nigerian Stock Exchange using Hidden Markov Model 
pp. 29-41
Authors: E. Ahani, O. Abass and O. B. Okunoye

Out Performance Intervals of Weights for Composite Estimators 
pp. 43-51
Authors: G.C. Tikkiwal and Piyush Kant Rai

Empirical Bayes Model for Inference on Vehicular Traffic Density at the Main Campus of University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
pp. 53-62
Authors: Okafor R.O., Opara A.I., Ogundeji R.K., Mbata U.A. and Olalude G.A

An Application of Arima Model to the Nigeria Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
pp. 63-72
Authors: O. Fatoki, U. A. Mbata, G. A. Olalude and O. Abass

Future State Prediction of Stock Market Using Hidden Markov Model 
pp. 73-80
Authors: Jyoti Badge and Namita Srivastava





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