International Journal of Statistics and Systems


Volume 5, Number 2 (2010)





A Stochastic Process Control Plan for the Production Processes 
pp. 81-92
Authors: Gauri Shankar and Prashant K. Rai

Profust Reliability Analysis of A Degradable System Having A Number of Non-Identical Redundant Units 
pp. 93-98
Authors: Rakesh Gupta, Gaurav Varshney and Dharmendra Kumar

Minimax Estimations on the Minimax Distribution 

pp. 99-117
Authors: Ali Shadrokh and Hassan Pazira

Classical and Bayesian Estimations on the Exponentiated Gamma Distribution Using Grouped and Un-Grouped Data
pp. 119-134
Authors: Ali Shadrokh and Hassan Pazira

Simplified Factors of Analysis of Means for Treatment Effects 
pp. 135-145
Authors: S. Balamurali

Analysis of Graduating CGPA of Distance Learning Students of University of Lagos 
pp. 147-154
Authors: Adeleke I.A., Ogundeji R.K. and Ahani Edesiri


Use of Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision Making Method in Replacement Problem
pp. 155163
Authors: Prakash Rajaram Chavan and Vishnudas Haridas Bajaj


On the Relationship between the Odds Ratio and the Area under the ROC Curve in the Context of Logistic Regression for Comparing Several Biomarkers
pp. 165-172
Authors: R. Vishnu Vardhan and K.V.S. Sarma

Forecasting Enrollments using Interval Length, Weightage Factor and Fuzzy Logical Relationships
pp. 173-182
Authors: S. Rajaram and P. Sakthisree

A Method for Minimum Sample Size Calculation for a Classification Problem in Fault Diagnosis of Centrifugal Pump
Authors:V. Indira, R. Vasanthakumari, N.R. Sakthivel and V. Sugumaran


Under-Five Mortality in Nigeria: Spatial Exploration and Spatial Scan Statistics for Cluster Detection
pp. 203-214
Authors: Oyelola Abdulwasiu Adegboye

A Review of Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Techniques of Artificial Neural Network from Statistical Perspective
pp. 215-222
Authors: Kiruthika

Comparison of Six Traditional Forecasting Techniques for Sales Demand
pp. 223-227
Authors: Smita Verma


M/M/1 Retrial Queueing System with Working Vacation Under Erlang-K Service by Matrix Geometric Method
pp. 229-242
Authors: Gopal Sekar, G. Ayyappan and A.Muthu Ganapathi Subramanian

Efficiency of Indian Commercial Banks with Interval Data -The DEA Application
pp. 243-250
Authors: T. Subramanyam, B. Venkateswarlu and A. Nagabushana Reddy

Shrinkage Estimation of the Variance for the Exponential Type - II Censored Data
pp. 251-263
Authors: Gyan Prakash and B. N. Pandey




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