International Journal of Statistics and Systems


Volume 5, Number 3 (2010)






Optimum Allocation in Stratified Sampling with Random Parameters 
pp. 265-275
Authors: Shakeel Javaid, Z.H. Bakhshi and M.M. Khalid

Stochastic Modeling of A System Subject To Degradation And No Functioning In Abnormal Weather
pp. 277-288
Authors: S.C. Malik

Single Sampling Plan by Attributes for the Lots from Markov-Dependent Production Processes
pp. 289-296
Authors: Gauri Shankar and Prashant K Rai

Estimation of P[Y <X] for Generalized Exponential Distribution with Presence of one Outlier
pp. 297-309
Authors: P. Nasiri and Masoud Yarmohammdai

A Studyon Exclusive Breast feeding using Over-Dispersed Statistical Models
pp. 311-318
Authors: Naushad Mamode Khan, Cheika Jahangeer and Maleika Heenaye-Mamode Khan

The Generalized Class of Composite Method of Estimation for Crop Acreage in Small Domain
pp. 319-333
Authors: Krishan K. Pandey and G.C. Tikkiwal


Do Cash Incentives Bias RDD Studies? Examination of Results from a National and Statewide Survey
pp. 335-346
Authors: Kathryn Barger, Darren Hearn and Yasamin Miller

Dynamic Vehicular Capacity Allocations Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) for Managed Lanes
pp. 347-364
Authors: J.O. Olusina and J.B. Olaleye

Mathematical Model of E-Governance in Purchase of Gas and Petrol Items
pp. 365-378
Authors: S.A. Adki A., Y.S. Kumar Swamy and A. Ganesh

Selection of Repetitive Deferred Sampling Plan through Quality Region 
pp. 379-389
Authors: K.K. Suresh and V. Sangeetha

Analytical Expectation of Real Zeros of Random Polynomials 
pp. 391-398
Authors: P.K. Mishra, A. Manasingh and D. Mohanty


Analysis of Clustered Binary Data in Intervention Studies under Completely Randomized Design
pp. 399-408
Authors: R. Ezhil and P. Dhanavanthan

Stratified Analysis of Clustered Binary Data in Maternal and Child Health
pp. 409-416
Authors: R. Ezhil and P. Dhanavanthan

Application of Logistic Regression Model to Graduating CGPA of University Graduates
pp. 417-426
Authors: E. Ahani, O. Abass, and Ray O. Okafor

Stochastic Modeling in the Evaluation of Drug Efficiency 
pp. 427-438
Authors: Padi. Tirupathi Rao and R. Bharathi

Bayesian Analysis of Exchange Rates with Partially Linear Time Trend
pp. 439-453
Authors: Jitendra Kumar, Ashutosh Shukla and Anoop Chaturvedi




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