International Journal of Statistics and Systems


Volume 5, Number 4 (2010)




Moments of Generalized Order Statistics from Erlang-Truncated Exponential Distribution and its Characterization
pp. 455-464
Authors: R.U. Khan, Devendra Kumar and Haseeb Athar

Time Series Analysis of Wind Energy Generation 
pp. 465-471
Authors: V.M. Arul Flower Mary and K. Senthamaraikannan

Estimators of Population Mean using Apriori Information A Comparative Analysis
pp. 473-476
Authors: B. Bhaskara Rama Sarma

Selection of Mixed Sampling Plan with TNT -(n1, n2:0) Plan as Attribute Plan Indexed through MAPD and MAAOQ
pp. 477-484
Authors: R. Radhakrishnan, R. Sampath Kumar and M. Malathi

Analysis of a System Working under Different Weather Conditions with On-Line Repair and Random Appearance of the Server at Partial Failure Stage
pp. 485-496
Authors: D. Pawar, S.C. Malik and Jitender Kumar

Parametric Empirical Bayesian Procedure for Estimating Mean Age and Mean Weekly Allowance of Undergraduate Students Who Use Motor Vehicles in University of Lagos
pp. 497-504
Authors: U.A. Mbata, G.A. Olalude, B.E. Ahani and S.A. Amusan

Approximate Bayes Estimators of the Parameters of Weibull Model under Precautionary Loss Function
pp. 505-518
Authors: Uma Srivastava

An Application of Unsupervised Clustering Technique to Finance Data 
pp. 519-526
Authors: Kiruthika and R. Chandrasekaran


Detection of Multivariate Outliers in Breeding Data 
pp. 527-235
Authors: Prabina Kumar Meher, A.R. Rao, S.D. Wahi and Namita Jaggi

Forecasting River Runoff under Impact of Rainfall: A Case Study 
pp. 537-545
Authors: Rashmi Nigam, Sudhir Nigam, K.R. Pardasani and S.K. Mittal

Time Series Similarity Analysis using Dimensionality Reduction 
pp. 547-554
Authors: S. Selvakumar and K. Senthamaraikannan

A Multivariate Data Analysis Procedure for Measuring and Comparing the Quality of Performance of Heuristics
pp. 555-567
Authors: Stanley Murairwa and Engku Muhammad Nazri

A Three Graded Manpower Planning Model with Bulk Recruitment at First Grade and Poisson Recruitment at Second Grade
pp. 559-581
Authors: M. Vivekanada Murty, S. Naresh and G. Arti

Estimation and Prediction for General Progressive Censored Rayleigh Model
pp. 583-601
Authors: Basma H. Shafey, Ahmed A. Soliman and Mashail M. Al-Sobhi

Towards More Efficient Estimators of the Mean Vector 
pp. 603-614
Authors: Honest W. Chipoyera and Eshetu Wencheko

A Statistical Survey on the Contribution of Women towards Nation-Building Using Family Support Programme as A Tool of Empowerment
pp. 615-625
Authors: U.A. Mbata, S.A. Amusan, G.A. Olalude, H.A. Adetigha and A.K Ogunsanya




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