International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS)


Volume 6, Number 1 (2011)




An Improved General Class of Estimators Estimating Population Mean using Auxiliary Information
pp. 1-7
Authors: Himanshu Pandey, S.K. Yadav and A.K. Shukla

Comparative Profit Analysis between Two Reliability Models on Ash Water Pump System with and without Failed States
pp. 9-16
Authors: Amit Manocha, Gulshan Taneja and R.K. Tuteja

Construction of Six Sigma Based Control Chart Using Standard Devaition
pp. 17-23
Authors: R. Radhakrishnan and P. Balamurugan

Methods of Estimation of Change for Small Area in Repeated Surveys
pp. 25-33
Authors: Bhim Singh and B.V.S. Sisodia

Optimal Identification of Subclass of Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Models Using Sum of Square Deviation Forecasts Criterion
pp. 35-40
Authors: C.G. Amaefula

Likelihood Ratio Test for Order Restrictions against all Alternatives in Multivariate Normal Distribution
pp. 41-56
Authors: Abouzar Bazyari, Rahim Chinipardaz and Ali Akbar Rasekhi

Near Optimal Allocation Model for Skewed Distributions in Ranked Set Sampling
pp. 57-65
Authors: Girish Chandra, Neeraj Tiwari and Sawal Kishor Singh

Estimation of Population Total in Two Stage Design with PPS Sampling and Using Double Sampling for Auxiliary Information
pp. 67-76
Authors: Shashi Bahl and Monika Saini

Long–term Kinetics of Hepatitis–B Vaccine Induced Antibody
pp. 77-87
Authors: M.A. Lamidi, A.S. Amusan and S.B. Adebayo

Distribution-free Test for Lorenz and Generalized Lorenz Dominance in Case of two Dependent Samples
pp. 89-105
Authors: Pooja Bansal, Sangeeta Arora and Kalpana K. Mahajan

Several Attributes Linked with Child Marriage of Females’ in Bangladesh
pp. 107-117
Authors: M.S. Zahangir and M.M. Kamal

Additive Main Effects and Multiplicative Interaction Analysis Based on Ranks
pp. 119-124
Authors: A. Danbaba and B. A. Oyejola

An Investigation of Robustness of Rank Tests in AMMI Multiplicative Terms
pp. 125-143
Authors: A. Danbaba

Construction of Continuous Sampling Plan Indexed through AOQcc
pp. 145-152
Authors: R. Radhakrishnan and K. Esther Jenitha

Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rates Using Fuzzy Time Series
pp. 153-161
Authors: Naveen Kumar Boiroju, M. Venugopala Rao and M. Krishna Reddy

On Approximate Confidence Intervals for the Damage Total based on a Poisson Model
pp. 163-176
Authors: Nuri Eltabit Mohamed




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