International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS)


Volume 6, Number 2 (2011)




Moment Generating Function Technique for Moments of Order Statistics from Nonidentically Distributed Random Variables
pp. 177-188
Authors: A. Jamjoom and Z. Alsaiary

Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of a System with Priority to PM at PFS over Repair Subject to MOT
pp. 189-200
Authors: S.C. Malik, Naveen Nandal and J. Khatkar

Reliability Analysis of Bridge Network with Critical and Non-Critical Human Errors
pp. 201-207
Authors: M. Gayathri, R. Bhuvana Vijaya and A. Mallikarjuna Reddy

A Survey of Mathematical Probability Distribution Techniques Used in Wireless Network
pp. 209-216
Authors: Meenal Sharma and Rakesh Mohan

Profit Analysis of a Stochastic Model with PM at Partial Failure Stage Subject to MOT
pp. 217-228
Authors: S.C. Malik and Naveen Nandal

Economics Analysis of an Operating System with Degradation and Repair Subject to Weather Conditions
pp. 229-238
Authors: S.C. Malik and Promila

A Modification of Bagchi’s Two Level Chain Sampling Plan
pp. 239-249
K. Subramani

Management Information System to Help Managers for Providing Decision Making in an Organization
pp. 251-256
Authors: G. Satyanarayana Reddy, Rallabandi Srinivasu,Srikanth Reddy Rikkula and Vuda Sreenivasa Rao

A Note on the Relationship between Point Processes and Binary Time Series

pp. 257-272
Authors: Jin Yue and Bruce Smith


Construction of Dependent Mixed Sampling Plans using ChSP-1 Plan as Attribute Plan Indexed through IQL
pp. 273-279
Authors: R. Radhakrishnan and P.G. Saravanan

Random Sum of Mid Truncated Lindley Distribution

pp. 281-290
Authors: Abd El-Moneim A.M. Teamah; Abd El-Nasser M. Salem and Ahmed M. T. Abd El-Bar

Bifurcations and Chaos in Nonlinear Population Dynamics and their Statistical Analysis
pp. 291-303
Authors: Kishore K. Das and Nilima Dutta






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