International Journal of Statistics and Systems


Volume 6, Number 3 (2011)




Relationship between Measures of Accuracy in the Context of Binary Logistic Regression
pp. 305-314
Authors: Sudesh Pundir and Vishnu Vardhan R.

Reliability Modeling of a Computer System with Priority for Replacement at Software Failure over Repair Activities at Hardware Failure
pp. 315-325
Authors: S.C. Malik and Jyoti Anand

Comparison of Methods of Estimating Parameters of Linear Regression Models with Autocorrelated Errors and Autoregressive Regressor.
pp. 327-337
Authors: Shehu Jamiu Olumoh and 2Oyejola Benjamine Agboola

Asymptotic Independence of Extrema Values in the Bivariate Exponential Distributions
pp. 339-344
Authors: Azedine Grine

Fuzzy Probabilistic Approach Control Charts with Markov Dependence for Categorical Data
pp. 345-358
Authors: A. Santhakumaran and S. Rajagopal

Sequential Approach to Takács' Satistic
pp. 359-363
Authors: Abdulhadi M. Alahmadi

Generalized Integrated Autoregressive moving Average Bilinear Time Series Models
pp. 365-374
Authors: J.F. Ojo

Comparative Study on Fertility Pattern among SC, ST and Tea-Tribe Communities of Dibrugarh District, Assam, India
pp. 375-379
Authors: Malay Das Gupta and S. Das

Forecasting of Crude Oil Rates using ARIMA Models
pp. 381-387
Authors: E. Priyadarshini and A. Chandra Babu

A Robust Method Approach for Minimum Absolute Deviations Estimation on Linear Model
pp. 389-398
Authors: Salem A.M.




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