International Journal of Statistics and Systems(IJSS)


Volume 7, Number 2 (2012)





L-Moments Coefficient of Variations


Authors: Ibrahim B. Abdul-Moniem


Examining the Impact of Sample and Effect Sizes on the Power of One-Way Analysis of Variance F-Test

PP. 101-108

Authors: G.M. Oyeyemi and B.L. Adeleke


Optimal Control of an N-policy Two–phase M/Ek/1 Queueing System with Server Startup, Breakdowns and Delayed Repair

PP. 109-122

Authors: V. Vasanta Kumar, T. Srinivasa Rao and B. Srinivasa Kumar


Better Alternate Solutions to Mathematical Programming

PP. 123-126

Authors: A. Ahmed and K.A. Bhat


Data Mining in Sunspot Time Series Data

pp. 127-132

Authors: R. Karnaboopathy and D. Venkatesan


Association of Camel Milk and Dairy Milk Consumption with Diabetes in North West Rajasthan State of India
pp. 133-142
Authors: Manju Saxena and Kavita

An Efficient Regression Type Estimator of Finite Population Mean
pp. 143-151
Authors: R. Karan Singh, Gyanendra Singh and Rachna Maithani

Modeling Dependence across Stock Markets Using Copulas
pp. 153-158
Author: Evidence S. Matangi

Construction of Tables for SKSP-2 Skip-Lot Plans
pp. 159-166
Authors: K.K. Suresh and K. Barathan


Censored Quantile Regression (CQR) Modeling in Comparison to Proportional Hazards Modeling (PHM) on Survival Data

pp. 167-178
Authors: Innocent Maposa, Florence Matarise and Evans Manjoro







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