International Journal of Statistics and Systems(IJSS)


Volume 8, Number 1 (2013)




A Generalized Adaptive Estimated Optimum Estimator of Finite Population Mean

pp. 1-14 

Authors: R. Karan Singh and Gyanendra Singh


An Enhanced Least Square Algorithm Based Spectral Estimation with Neural Network
pp. 15-27 

Authors: Ataulla, Ismail B. and Mohammed Yunus


Sequential Smoothing of Parzen Density Estimate and Generalisation of K-S Test
pp. 29-36 

Authors: Babulal Seal and Srijib Bhushan Bagchi


Hunger is the Challenge of India: A Statistical Perspective Study 
pp. 37-41
Author: Dr. P.V. Ubale


Perception of the Public and Private Life Insurance Policyholders 
pp. 43-49
Author: K. Lakshmipriya


Analysis of Zimbabwe’s Monthly Number of Births for the Period 2008 To 2012
pp. 51-58 
Authors: Jonah Mafodya and Fenton Ruparanganda


Efficiency of Nearest Neighbour Balanced Block Designs using ARMA Models
pp. 59-71 
Authors: R. Senthil Kumar and C. Santharam


An Econometric Model for Inflation in Dubai 

pp. 73-89

Authors: Dr. Khaled Abdel Moety M. AL-Shawadfy, S MD Riyaz Ahmed, Dr. Moneera M. Alameel and Dr Moutasim Mohamed Ahmed Askar


Potential for HIV Prevention in Namibia 
pp. 91-97
Authors: Richard Chamboko and Sevias Guvuriro


Two Stage Heterogeneous Service, Random Breakdowns, Delayed Repairs and Extended Server Vacations with Bernoulli Schedule

pp. 99-120
Authors: G. Ayyappan and K. Sathiya


Random Walk Hypothesis of Stock Price Movements 

pp. 121-129

Author: Ms. Suni Ajay Kumar





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