International Journal of Statistics and Systems (IJSS)


Volume 9, Number 2 (2014)





Size-Biased New Quasi Poisson-Lindley Distribution and its Applications
pp. 109-118

Statistical Model for Poverty Estimation with Assessment of One-Cow-One Family Program in Rwanda
pp. 119-145
Authors: Samuel Sindayigaya, Nyongesa L. Kennedy and Adu A.M. Wasike

On the Distribution Functions of the Range and Quasi-range for the Type I Generalized Half Logistic Distribution
pp. 147-156
Authors: A. K. Olapade and O. A. Adelodun

Recognition of Facial Expression Using Principal Component Analysis and Singular Value Decomposition
pp. 157-172
Authors: Louis Asiedu1, Felix .O. Mettle2, Ezekiel N. N. Nortey

Fuzzy Multi-item Fish Inventory Model
pp. 173-179
Authors: R. H. Waliv and H. P. Umap


Method of Construction of Second order Slope Rotatable Designs (SOSRD) with Flexibility in Factor Levels Derived from Central Composite Designs

pp. 181-188

Authors: Ch. Lakshmi Sujatha


Multivariate Time Series Analysis of Tourist Arrivals in Zimbabwe Using Bootstrapped Vector Error Correction Method: A Case Study of Victoria Falls Rainforest (2009-2013)

pp. 189-202

Authors: Makoni Tendai, Mdlongwa Precious, Chinofunga Peter T


On The Pattern of Migration In The Household: An Explanation Through Binomial Law

pp. 203-214

Authors: Brijesh P. Singh1, Niraj K. Singh2 and Tapan K. Roy3








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